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🎟 When you book an flight ticket, you will receive a "provisional ticket". This represents proof of order but does not allow you to board. Only your boarding pass allows you to board the plane.

🧘‍♀️ So how do you receive your boarding pass before departure? Your boarding pass will be sent to you once you have checked in with the airline. Check-in generally opens around 24 hours before departure (more precisely between 48 hours and 16 hours before departure, depending on the airline).

Kombo offers two types of check-in: classic check-in and automatic check-in:

  • ☑️ Classic: In order to receive your boarding passes, you must check in with the airline. To do this, go directly to the airline's website. You can then log in using your airline booking reference and your surname.

  • 🔀 Automatic: Boarding passes are sent automatically by the airlines once check-in has been completed, also automatically.