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Tickets not received

I haven't received my tickets even though I've paid? Unless there is a major technical problem, there are three possibilities:

  • They have slipped into your spam: It is possible that your ticket has been sent to your junk mail. Please check your spam folder directly 😊

  • The payment has not been validated by your bank: your payment may not have been validated correctly. In order to validate the order, you need to validate the payment with your bank, which has sent you a payment validation code known as 3DS. If you are sure that you have validated the 3DS, it is possible that you have closed the validation page too quickly, which prevents confirmation.

  • My tickets are being edited and will be sent at a later date: some transport companies such as Ouigo, Flixbus or Blablabus may send their tickets some time after you have booked. They will, of course, be sent to you before your departure time. You can check the status of your tickets directly in your after-sales area.